SarapiquiS Lodge

SarapiquiS Rainforest Lodge, built as a 15th century Pre-Columbian village is an outstanding concept in ecotourism and cultural indigenous conservation.

This unique lodge offers a restaurant with terrace reveal sweeping views of the Sarapiqui River and the rainforest.  The lodge also has an archaeological park on its grounds “Alma Ata” with centuries old tombs, and the Museum of Indigenous Cultures with a good collection of indigenous artifacts and a botanical garden with a collection of indigenous herbs as well as a lot of tropical plants and flowers.

And it is a real birders paradise; toucans, tanagers, parrots and hummingbirds are abundant! For more rainforest, the Tirimbina Reserve is located right next to the lodge, great for walking and rainforest guided tours.

The architecture of the project is inspired by the indigenous pre-Columbian construction techniques of the region.  The round Palenques are covered by a thatched roof resembling the Indigenous houses. This Palenque structure is central to the SarapiquiS concept: the story of nature and its relation to mankind.  Moreover, the circular design symbolizes the circle of life, an intricate link between the cycles of the biodiversity from within rainforest.With a harmonious décor of earth tones, natural lime stone, and antique or artisan made furniture, guests will enjoy the comfortable beds, private bath, ceiling fan (8 rooms have A/C),  and safe deposit box.  Outside every room, a covered terrace invites each guest to enjoy the natural surroundings.