The Ultimate Costa Rica Surf Trip

ADVISED MONTHS OF TRAVEL November – April (for all year round we’ll design your Ultimate Surf Trip)
WHAT TO BRING Surfboards, swim wear, sun block and your smile 😉
Airport Transfers
17 Nights Lodging w/Breakfast Included
2 Nights in San Jose
3 Nights in Tamarindo
2 Nights in Samara
2 Nights in Montezuma
3 Nights in Jaco
2 Nights in Dominical
3 Nights in Pavones
4×4 Rental Car w/basic Insurance
24/7 Natural Mystic Travel Assistance
Meals other than included
Gasoline and optional full coverage Insurance
Personal expenses and tips


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Day 1: Arrival

Upon arrival your driver will wait for you at the airport. He will bring you to your hotel downtown San Jose where you will spend your first night. Your hotel offers comfortable rooms and is located nearby many great restaurants and shops.

Day 2: Tamarindo

Today your rental car will arrive at 8 am at your hotel in San Jose. Your car will be a 4×4 for the rest of your trip, including basic insurance as well as two drivers and free miles. Once you received the car, you will head to Tamarindo which will take around 4,5 hours. Tamarindo; once a quiet fishing town but has now grown into a vibrant tourist town. Lots of surf, nightlife and great restaurants to spend three full days here.

Day 3: Isla Pequeno & Pico Capitan

Today you will have a full day to explore the breaks of Tamarindo! Your hotel is located right in front of one of the best breaks Tamarindo has to offer; Pico Pequeno. Pico Pequeno is a rocky point which is best surfed at mid tide. When there are southern swells, experienced surfers usually choose to surf over the rocks at Isla Capitan, a small islet in the bay of Tamarindo.

Day 4: Another Day in Tamarindo

You can choose to drive up to a different surf spot like El Estero, the river mouth located in the north. Here you will find a solid right beach break which is especially popular by long boarders. Across from the Tamarindo river mouth you will also find Playa Grande. This spot is the most consistent one in the area. When Tamarindo gets too crowded you can paddle with your board across the river to get to the surf spot ‘La Casita’ which is a fast beach break. More spots to check out: Playa Langosta, Avellanas and Playa Negra.

Day 5: Samara Breaks

On to your next destination today; Samara Beach, where you will arrive within 2 hours from Tamarindo. Samara is the perfect place to soak up sun and enjoy beach life in a laid-back atmosphere. The small village of Samara offers a wide sandy beach that spans more than 7 km and is lined by palms. Other than an easy beach break for surfing, you will find nice restaurants. Don’t forget to check out our favorite spot: Gusto@thebeach for delicious cocktails and beautiful sun sets.

Day 6: Samara Beach

Today you will have a full day to enjoy all that Samara has to offer; surf, snorkeling, kayaking or just relax at the beach.

Day 7: Montezuma Surfers Paradise

The next drive from Samara to Montezuma takes around 3 hours and will take you along the beautiful coast line of Nicoya. Nestled into a landscape of true tropical paradise, Montezuma is perfect for any beach lover, surfer and eco-tourist. The village is surrounded by jungle and scenic waterfalls and pools. Groups of capuchin monkeys live in the forests and will for sure give you a visit while staying here. at the beach.

Day 8: Santa Teresa, Malpais & Playa Grande

Another day to enjoy everything that Montezuma and the surrounding beaches of Santa Teresa en Malpais have to offer! If you know your way around in the waters of Costa Rica by now, you should check out Playa los Cedros. It is a rocky surf spot, but good surfers will be able to surf great waves here. You can find the break in front of Ylang Ylang hotel. A more popular surf spot in Montezuma is Playa Grande. It’s a 30-minute walk to the north from town, but it is a beautiful hike along some of the most beautiful beaches and trails in Costa Rica. It makes a great warm-up as well!

Day 9: Jaco Playa Hermosa

Today you will head towards Jaco/Playa Hermosa by using the ferry departing from Cabo Banco. The whole trip will take around 4 hours but will definitely not bore you with all the stunning views. Jaco is a fairly exposed beach break that has a very reliable surf. Many international surfers pick Jaco/Playa Hermosa as their favorite spot to come surf the waves of Costa Rica. Since there are so many breaks in this area, it is barely crowded. You will find the easier waves near Jaco town and more advanced waves in Playa Hermosa.

Day 10: High Tide

You will wake up right in front of the best beach breaks in Costa Rica; Playa Hermosa. This break works best at high tide, so make sure to check the tides before you paddle out there. You can surf on any of the peaks in front of your hotel and when the swell builds you can try the local reefs and points instead, or head towards Jaco. Don’t forget to be at the beach for an amazing sunset and for sure sunset drinks as Jaco is also offers great nightlife.

Day 11: Another Surfing Day

Another day to enjoy the amazing waves that Jaco and Hermosa Beach have to offer! 

Day 12: Domincal

From Jaco you will drive to your next destination; Dominical. After just a one-and-a-half-hour drive, you can take a breath and relax at the beach of Dominical where crowds are not a factor in the water or in the streets. This little “hippie town” receives its fair share of swell, so be prepared! Locals swear by the long rides and perfect barrels they can get here. 

Day 13: Domincalito & around

When Dominical closes out, you can go south to Dominicalito or Hermosa (yes, another one).  Appropriately named Dominicalito is a cute, tiny little beach with soft playful waves. This is an excellent beginner beach aside from a few rocks in the shallows. If you would like to do something else than surf, you could make an amazing tour to see dolphins and whales or visit the nearby Corovado National Park!

Day 14: Playa Pavones

Today you will drive up to your last (but definitely not least) surf destination of your trip; Pavones. The drive takes around 3 hours and will be a true adventure on its own! Pavones is a beautiful and secluded beach that lies on the interior of the Golfo Dulce. Pavones is one of the best surf spots in the country when the swell hits and arguably one of the longest lefts in the world as advanced surfers get lucky to surf this left for up to 3 minutes.

Day 15: Surf, Surf, Surf

Two full days at this hidden Gem…Surf, eat, sleep and repeat! 

Day 16: Surf, Surf, Surf

Your last day has arrived before spending one more night in San Jose for your flight home! Make sure to hit one of those amazing lefts or just watch the locals and relax at the beach… 

Day 17: San Jose

Today you will head back to San Jose to spend one more night before your flight back home. The ride back to San Jose is very long (around 7 hours), so if you don’t want to drive this whole trip back, we can optionally arrange an inland flight for you departing from Golfito. You can then drop your car here and fly back to San Jose instead. 

Day 18: Back home

You will be picked up by your driver for a transfer to the airport in time for your flight out, back home. 


Dreaming of the Ultimate Surf Vacation? Wait no longer!

Costa Rica makes the perfect destination for those that are tired to surf with a wetsuit, since the water is warm all year round. We designed a package that hits all the surf hot spots in Costa Rica; Empty peaks, waves that are consistently in the waist to head high and that all right next to the gorgeous beaches and jungle.

For your accommodations we selected small boutique hotels as close to the breaks as possible. Do you feel like getting to know more people during your trip? No worries! We can change the hotels as you wish to hostels and drop the price for you as well! And to make it easy to get from surf spot to surf spot, we arrange a 4×4 vehicle for your entire trip.

The trip starts off in Tamarindo Guanacaste; here you will find an endless stretch of peaky beach breaks in front of your hotel.

From here you will head to the Samara, one of our favorite little towns located in Nicoya. Samara offers a great beach break, but there is also a great night life with little terraces and life music.

It is just a short drive to Montezuma, your next destination. This little gem is tucked away deep in the jungle, with lots of wildlife and waterfalls!

On to the next surf spot; Jaco, you will drive to the ferry which will take you to the other side of the bay. Jaco is a very popular destination for surfers all over the world. This town offers breaks for beginners till the professional surfer, as waves start rolling in all the way till Hermosa.

To get to the last destination, you will first make a stop in Dominical. This small town attracts some of the best surfers as waves can get deep! Enjoy the early morning and late afternoon glass sessions and in between just relax by the pool or, if you still have the strength, take a tour or two.

Your final stop will be at Pavones. This destination is still quite unknown by anyone that does not surf. With the few little hotels, all there is to do here is catching the longest left that Costa Rica has to offer. Some waves roll out so far that you have to walk back to get back to the spot you started! An absolute surf mecca to end your trip…

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