Celeste Mountain Lodge

The views from the Celeste Mountain Lodge are impressive, with the surrounding mountains and volcanoes Miravalle and Tenorio. The lodge sits on a hectares protected primary rainforest.

Around the building and on the private Celeste Trail in the primary forest, wildlife abounds, often allowing to spot and observe local fauna such as monkeys, an extensive bird species list such as toucans, hummingbirds or parrots and even rare species, also butterflies and mammals as the tapir roams the property. One will also enjoy the rich diversity of the vegetation with centennial trees or vines.

The staff is excellent, the food is outstanding (all gourmet meals are included during your stay) and the grounds are stunning; a wonderful lodge for your stay in the beautiful Celeste area!

All 18 rooms enjoy the same amazing views on Miravalle & Tenorio Volcanoes, the surrounding rainforest and the valley.

The rooms are similar in size, the only difference between rooms is the bedding configuration; some rooms accommodating 1 or 2 persons with queen or king size beds, some for 3 persons in either 1 queen and 1 single or with 3 single beds, then others hosting up to 4 persons with 2 double beds.

All Celeste Mountain Lodge rooms are in minimalist style, decorated with eco-design furnishing and feature a wash basin, hairdryer, hot shower and toilet, cloth-hanging space and shelving.