Snorkeler over a coral reef with school of tropical fish in front of him

Snorkel & Hike Cahuita


Snorkeling & Wildlife Cahuita

Discover the coral reefs & wildlife in Cahuita

Snorkel & Hike Cahuita National Park

Cahuita National Park hosts the most diverse coral reefs in Costa Rica, over 40 species of caroal and hundreds types of fish!

Start your Cahuita exploration tour by boat along the Cahuita Coast to the beautiful reefs and enjoy the crystal clear waters and observe the colorful fish. Then your guide will take you into the Cahuita national park for a rest and fruit snack and he will guide you bacjk to starting point through the park pointing out all animals you will encounter like monkeys, sloths, basilisks, raccoons, iguanas, frogs and more.

A great tour to get to know all of the Cahuita National Park.

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