Birding in Sarapiquí


Sarapiquí  Colorful Birds

Colorful birds in the Rain Forest

Birding in Sarapiqui

Costa Rica is privileged to have one of the highest diversity of birds in the world. With approximately 875 species, it ranks 23rd in the world. This represents more bird species than the United States and Canada combined, which together have an area 378 times the size of Costa Rica!  This country is also an important migration site, especially for species traveling from North America.

Join us on this 2 to 3 hour tour where you will become familiar with the great variety of bird fauna found in this country.  You will have the help of a naturalist guide who is knowledgeable of the most common bird species in the Sarapiqui area, which represent more than 54% of all birds found in Costa Rica!


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