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ATV adrenaline Manuel Antonio

After you get picked up from your hotel, there will be a quick stop at our Quepos office to fill out all the necessary paperwork for the tour and then you are off to the adventure!

Spend 25 minutes driving through a working African Palm plantation and see the small Costa Rican town of Cerros, which is home to many of the plantation workers.

Please note that whether your meal is served before or after your adventure is dependent on the time of your tour. Once you arrive or have finished your meal, your guide will direct you to your ATV machine and will provide all riders with a pre-run lesson and overview of the machines, including a test run that leads right into the tour.

The tour will take roughly 2 ½ hrs with nearly 2 full hours of driving time. We recommend that all riders wear long pants and comfortable hiking shoes, as the tour involves some walking to the waterfall.

Also, remember that all clients have the option of swimming when stopped at the waterfall, so bathing suits are welcome!

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